Chickens, Christmas, and Chit Chat || Beyond the Pages

good evening peeps!

welcome to another blog post. and hey, look I’m back! Actually, not too late this time 😉

I actually find writing blog posts to be quite relaxing, when I have the time that is! 🙂

Recently, I’ve been doing a TON of school, trying to get as much done as possible before Christmas break (and if I really work hard next week I’ll be able to have two weeks off… yes, I do think I’ll be working hard 🙂 )

Semester one was very interesting. As I said in my post a few days ago, I’ve been loving Christian Ethics and Creative Writing. To be honest, I’ve been enjoying all of my courses so far this year! History hasn’t been a favourite, but as it continues it seems to become more and more interesting. I’ve always been interested in historical fiction books, so learning more about WWI and WWII has definitely been interesting!

Christian Ethics has been a favourite. The course mainly focused on the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) and it was very interesting to go in depth on each of the books. It was a course that really made you think out on your own, and I really appreciated that. I find that some courses will be very one-sided but this course was straight down the middle and you had to think out your own outcome. Although, you most likely don’t want to continue to hear me talk about about school, but there you go, that’s just my little input on my courses this year for Grade 11…

It also feels weird to think that this is my second last year of school… like next year and then I’m done! Honestly, it didn’t seem that long.. but then again, I did skip a grade, so perhaps it just feels that way to me 🙂

recently in History, we’ve been focusing more on The Great Depression.

Above is a picture of “Hetty.”

If you have not watched the Road to Avonlea series, you will not recognize the name, but since I am a die-hard Avonlea fan, I couldn’t resist calling this particular chicken Hetty. She is very petite (a bantam I suppose) and she is kind of sassy…

okay, I sound kind of crazy talking about a chickens personality…

The weather has been very delightful lately, which is pretty weird for December in Canada, but I’ll take it anyways!

As I said in my previous post, I did start reading “Sophie’s Heart” by Lori Wick.


I love that book. So good.

10/10 recommend 🙂

After reading that beautiful book, I am now rereading “An Untamed Land” by Lauraine Snelling. I really enjoy any Lauraine Snelling book I read! The reason for me rereading this is that I read this book like a year or two ago, but I have the entire series and never got around to reading it. So now that I want to read the series, I need to refresh my mind on the first book… ya know what I mean.

saying all that… I’m SO EXCITED for Christmas!!

Christmas is my very favourite holiday of the entire year. Although, it makes me sad that there will not be the big and fun family gathering this year!!

Every year, we have our annual graham cracker house decorating competition on Christmas Eve so I am very very excited about that!! 🙂

well, I’m sure you don’t want to read any more of this boring post lol.



horse + snow photography || books || school || catch up || BEYOND THE PAGES

good afternoon peeps!

has it been a hot minute or what?!

…does hot minute mean fast or slow? well anyways, it is going to mean slow today.

I haven’t posted in literally FOREVER. but guess what? I’m back!


I love photography, right? (okay most of you didn’t know that.) But yesterday it was so nice outside and I decided, oh what the heck, lets go take some pictures.

It’s nice to get out of the house, after a long day of school, and just get out in the fresh air!


starting off, we have this really detailed picture of a little puff of snow, with some pine needles… I thought this was just such a cool picture!

I also thought this birch tree was interesting!! The markings (is that what they’re called? idk.) l thought this looked rather pretty too! 🙂

There is also this old truck (REALLY OLD) that is out in the horse pasture, but it looks really cool! (even though I was scared half to death that a skunk or raccoon was going to hop out and kill me… but I guess I’m writing this so I didn’t die.)

and a picture of Scout! (and Leenah’s rump in the back heh)

alrighty, that about sums up my photography lol

I did take a bunch of other pictures, but these were my favourites!

and honestly, they could have gotten some editing, but I wanted to post these raw… so enjoy.

I’ve been doing a TON of school lately… as usual??

ALTHOUGH… school is actually A LOT more fun this year than it was last year! (isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?? I thought school got HARDER as you went along… oh well guess not.)

(these pictures looked a lot brighter on my camera… I have no idea why they look so dark, but actually, I think they look kinda cool lol.)

I decided to take Creative Writing as one of my electives this year and..



I love to write stories, read book, you know. SOOOO I have been loving the course!!!


Recently, I’ve reread the Maya Davis series by Erynn Mangum (10/10 recommend!)

they are literally so funny! I love this series!

I’m just about done Double Shot, so once I finish that… I want to reread Sophie’s Heart!

I had really enjoyed Sophie’s Heart last time I read it (which was prolly a year ago!) It was such a good book, so I decided to read it AGAIN!!

that’s about all I’ve been doing though! 🙂

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and also hopefully I write again sooner LOL.

have you read any of these books? do you enjoy photography?

ttyl, kennedi