lots of rain // gardening // it’s june

aloha friends 🙂

Welcome to today’s post, a SUNDAY post, since I know tomorrow will be much more busy 😉

I sit inside, as it rains outside.

It has been raining lots these last few days, and now everything is mushy and muddy. I suppose the moisture is good though, it’ll getting everything sprouting and green 🌱🌿

My calf, Josie Pye, now has a friend whom we named Pablo. He is very cute actually, and black. He has a really cute face and he’s rather furry (or hairy?) and he has a little white patch on the middle of his head and he’s just adorable 😍

^^bb jo jo

We planted our garden, a lil while ago, and our peas are starting to sprout. I decided to do something a little bit different and plant some watermelons 🍉 I have NOO idea how they will turn out but hopefully they’ll be alright.

other then school and taking cattle to pasture, not much else has been going on.

wash yo hands….

summer is around the corner

hola amigos!

welcome to today’s blog post… I have not written in awhile (whoops)

it has been a busy week…month…

I’m just about done school, only 7 lessons left of ELA and I am done HURRAH.

And then school comes again (how sad) but I’m glad that this next school year is my last science and math (grade 11) and I’m done for the rest of my life… WUT.

This week has been rather busy, lots of cattle stuff & it’s been a all around productive week.

Actually, I am writing this blog post at 12:08 AM May 31,2020.

Wait… wut.

it’s almost June?????

how’d that happen!!!!

The leaves have now settled in, along with the green grass (that was mowed today) the garden is planted, and the flowers are in their pots, I’ve been riding my bike, there are the gruesome snakes are slithering about, along with TICKS, the cattle are on grass, shorts and tank tops are starting to be worn, you can finally go outside without a hoodie… it’s starting to feel like summer.

the cows are basically done calving, this week Dixie our milk cow calved. She had a beautiful little grey bull calf, and he’s really cuteee!!

Dixie is a very… SASSY cow.
She seems to have a mind of her own. she’s just sassy.

At the moment, I am reading “Cascade” by Lisa Bergren (ah so good!)
Yesterday was a very lovely day, as was today, but I wasn’t outside very much. Today I cleaned the house, and made pizza for supper (yum)

Here is Brisby, (isn’t he big now?) looking somewhere or another.

You know, for most of these pictures I risked getting a tick on me… a pretty big sacrifice ya know.
I HATE ticks.
I HATE snakes.

I’m not too sure which one I hate most…
probably snakes.
I despise ticks.

This week, we processed all the yearlings & got them out on grass 🙂

It’s kind of fun to watch the cattle run off the chute and onto the nice green grass… they look so happy.

Here is a picture of the horses. I thought it just looked so pretty with the really blue sky & the greenish grass.

I was out one sunny morning, after feeding Miss. Josie Pye her bottle of milk, and it was just so lovely outside, so I went and took some photos. The birds were chirping, the cattle were mooing, and the horses were quietly standing there, swishing their tails and chewing on grass.

Very lovely indeed.

Yesterday I had the lovely treat of my very first BLIZZARD in my ENTIRE LIFE.

You see, I had a dairy allergy up until about 3 months ago, and it’s a MIRACLE that it went away!!!! So, I got the “Drumstick Aero Caramel” *limited edition* BLIZZARD from DQ.

It was really good.

Although, next time I’ll go with the mini size instead of small- too much ice cream LOL.

How are y’all doing with this COVID-19? Quarantine?

ok y’all… I’m getting tied.
It is now 12:27AM…

I might read for awhile yet too LOL…