sum cherry pie // i cooked supper all week?! // room cleanup // random stuff

aloha my friends!

did the week fly by or what?! I think that it went SO FAST and just wow- but here we are- another Monday… another post!

this will most likely be a short post, because I did just a lot of school and random stuff this week, but I’m also making a cake for my moms & brothers birthday so I need to go frost that pretty quick 😉

I made some cherry pie this week, (and it tasted delicious if I do say so myself hee hee) but I also did mess up on the lattice which was very very sad 😦

I also decided to help out mom and cook supper & lunch everyday for a entire week, and I actually enjoyed it! very fun :p

one night I made a “baked spaghetti” and guyssss I think I just found the super easy secret to EASY LASAGNA *gasppppp*

it was also quite yummy.

One day I also made some homemade pizzas for lunch, which were very fun and interesting to make, and they also tasted pretty good.

because I am quarantined and my school (ahem yeah I’m homeschooled and they shut down for a bit?! wut wut) I had some time to burn- just a bit.

so I decided to be a responsible human and clean UNDER MY BED and UNDER MY DESK which were quite nightmare-ish…haha…

but I ended up tackling them and I am now proud to say that I have 2 boxes of donations and 2 bags of garbage- whoop whoop!

here is a delicious cup of tea I made before my physics class

ah so helpful

ya know, all the pictures I have put on my post so far are all food

do I care? no.

food is good for the soul.

I also read a bit.

this week so far,
I read Christy of Cutter Gap, the Bridge to Cutter Gap.

Along with Diary of a Wimpy Kid (haha) and also I am reading Caddie Woodlawn.

I LOVE Caddie Woodlawn! It is so cute and entertaining haha!

kk guys I have to go finish my beautiful cake.


what are y’all doing while being quarantined??

burt’s bees // a little bit more detailed facial care // beyond the pages

hola my friends!

in a previous post, I said I would discuss Burt’s Bees products a little further. I have used them for around 2 or 3 weeks now, so I have a good idea of how they work, and how I use them 🙂 these products have found their way into my morning & night routines so I thought I would share on them!

these products also have an aesthetic vibe to them- don’t they? haha

the number one thing I LOVE about these products are that they are very natural! I have some what sensitive skin, so it’s nice knowing that what I’m cleansing with and putting on my skin is nice and natural!

cleansing oil

this is the first product I use when I wash up for bed 🙂

this product takes my mascara off SO well, and I have been loving it! It doesn’t have that makeup-remover strong scent, it smells very nice and…. natural? lol

deep pore scrub

after rinsing the cleansing oil and my makeup off, I grab this scrub and use it. I don’t use the scrub every night, because I would over-scrub my face lol so I use this about every second night- very gently! this stuff smells AMAZING! and it leaves your face feeling soft and refreshed :))

rosewater toner

after using the scrub, I follow up with this rosewater toner. OH MY GOSH. THIS STUFF SMELLS LIKE HEAVEN. ( I know I know, I don’t know what heaven smells like, but I imagine it would smell like this… lol)

I really like this toner, because it also leaves my face feeling refreshed but also nice and… soft I suppose. very moisturized feeling?? I apply this using a cotton ball or a round cotton pad!

that is all I use for my nighttime routine… when I wake up I use:::

deep cleansing cream

I really like this cleansing cream! It definitely wakes you up! I find this cream kind of tingles your skin and makes it kinda… tingly… so I like that for in the morning. It also smells heavenly 🙂

the other thing I use when I wake up and right before bed is…

also this product wakes me up in the night because it goes like this:

me: *starts to fall asleep*

me: did I put my lip balm on?

also me: *licks lips* darn it! *wakes up, gets out of cozy bed, and applies lip balm*

I really like the Burt’s Bees overnight treatment lip balm bc my lips are ALWAYS SO DRY and chapped and CRACKED and OWIE so this stuff in da bomb!

and that is everything I stick on my face daily.

here is a picture of my dying snake plant that won’t grow.

okay y’all, that’s all I have for todays post! please comment down below of more blogging ideas you’d like to see and…. that’s it that’s all 🙂

and oh! don’t forget to wash those hands!!!!!