photography // mother’s day // lil book chat

hola friends!!

my goodness, it’s been awhile since I’ve written 😳🙃 sorry bout that….

but of course, I’ve returned again, and I have some things to share with ya!😄

I trust your Mother’s Day went well 😉 what did you all do for your mama?

since corona is keeping us all at home, and we’ve been out of our since we are doing renovations, I couldn’t paint, make, sew, anything for mama…. so I decided to bake.

I made Disney style pretzels (ah the best) & also ciabatta bread!!

I have always wanted to try to make pretzels, and oh boi, I thought it would be a REALLY hard process, but it actually was quite simple… and they were pretty good if I do say so myself😉

i also made ciabatta bread, which I had never made before, but Victoria Paige has made it several times, and it always looked DELICIOUS so I decided, meh imma try it…

it was a bit of a process, but I truly loved the end result 😉😉

I’ve enjoyed taking some picture off of my little iPhone SE and capturing the sunsets, they’ve been truly stunning lately ;))


Reading :))

For the third time this week, I am rereading ‘Waterfall’ by Lisa Berget….



Never thought that I would say this, but I think I loved it JUST AS MUCH AS CHRISTY MILLER.

In other words, go get you self a copy.

^^Brisby is growing up so fast *sniffle*

well, I suppose this is basically all my blog post. I’m SORRY i haven’t written so long, but life gets busy 😉

Oh, one short story before I leave.

Me: *eating dry ramen noodles & then chocolate *

Levi; what r u doing?

Me; eating.

Levi: that?

Me: *nods*

Also me: and this is why I don’t have abs.

Recently, I’ve been eating WAY too much dry ramen (whoops)

Ok my loves, I must go.

Wash yo hands!

Kennedi 💗

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