five ways to relax after a long day

hola amigos!

I’m so happy you could join me today…

today, I shall talk about how I relax after a long day! It’s important to keep your body relaxed before bed, so that you can get the proper rest that you need 🙂

lets get down to it, I basically never actually do any of this, unless I’m really in the mood.


ok, well literally I love candles so much! They are so pretty and smell so delicious! Although, my brother often times doesn’t like it when I light a candle bc he thinks imma burn the house down, but trust me, I never light a candle without me being in the room- you know? Actually, one time I forgot about it and had a little bit of a panic attack while I was outside and ran back inside… BUT NOTHING BURNED DOWN.

I really really love candles that smell like a baking- aka- cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar… you know, all the delicious smells? Sometimes I want to eat my candle.


this is literally sooooo relaxing!! I love to take the time to have a nice hot shower and just turn into a rasin in the water- you know?

turn on your fav tunes and have a lil music concert while your at it… but don’t get TOO crazy, you know, WE WANTING TO RELAX.


you know, tea is actually really really good for you! and having a real hot cup before bed (well more like a hour or two before bed bc no one wants to go potty in the middle of the night!!!)

tea actually has lots of like antioxidants or something like that (who knows I just drink it) but make sure to drink a tea that is caffeine free 😉

(maybeee y’all want a post about my fav teas? ya? no?)


not only do you look cute enough for Pinterest, but face masks are actually super good for your skin!! you can even make your own!! (honey is actually realllyyy good for the skin tooooo)

you know, also just in general, it’s really relaxing to do skin care! even if its really basic, but skin care really is SO important as a teen for acne and etc. etc. etc.

5. READ!!!

lots of people don’t actually enjoy reading, but I think it is really fun, especially if you get into a good series!!

some recs::

Christy Miller Series

Anne of Green Gables Series

Life of Faith: Millie Keith Series

Seasons of the Heart Series

(just a few of my favourites!!)

okay, that’s all for today’s post!! ( I know, I forgot once again yesterday- WHOOPSIES)


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