can corona go away?//anne fan//monday’s blog post

aloha friends!

last week, I forgot to post 😬

I thought on Tuesday I could post, but the day ran away. As did Wednesday, Thursday, etc etc.

you get the point…

also, my laptop wont load WordPress so today’s post is featured on my iPhone SE… 😌

calving is in full swing, making everything very busy-

ha yes- busy- even during Thisbe CrAzY time of ours… being locked in our own homes 😰😫

oh whoop- i just got called to go make some biscuits for sup-sup- BRB.

im baaaaack!!

^^sum pizza i made!

does anyone like drop biscuits? I do! They are so much easier then any other biscuits… I also made “honey” biscuits one day using a drop biscuit recipe and using honey instead of sugar and yummmm delishhhh!!!

who’s ready for corona to be over?

i deffff am!!!

i miss all my friends and family so much 🥺 *sniffle*

although i miss everyone, and calving is busy, I found some time to rewatch all the Anne of Green Gables (Megan Follows of courseeeee!!!!)

ahh!! that’s honestly the BEST movie series EVERRRR!!!!

I’m also reading Anne of Windy Poplars at the moment- and it’s just jusy SOOOOOO good!!! I love this one!

and because I’m on such a Anne kick right now, I just HAD to name a calf…..

enters: Josie Pye

you see, Josie Pye is quite the calf. She is very…. SASSY. and rather rude and mean and likes to get her way… are we getting a Pye vibe here?

Josie’s mother is ALSO def a Pye- thats for SURE.

that is why Josie Pye was my bottle baby for awhile- no longer tho.

I don’t know what else’s to write so I suppose this is the end of my rather short and boring post.

-wash em hands so corona can go away-

  • may we also have a moment of silence for all the typos that’s my phone decided were better and I had to fix?

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